Thursday, August 30, 2012

September 2012

Sat 9/8 9:00pm w/Richard Julian @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage Two (196 Allen btwn Houston & Stanton)

Sun 9/9 5:00pm w/Richard Julian LIC Bar (45-58 Vernon Blvd @ 46th Ave - LONG ISLAND CITY) 

Wed 9/19 7:00pm – 10:00pm JWH Trio @ The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel (12 W44)

Sat 9/29 8:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies   Barbes (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN)

Sun 9/30 9:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ The Rodeo Bar (3rd Ave @ 27th St)

updated 9/4/12

Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Screening Tonight in Williamsburg

Greetings.  I'm rockin' a deadline, so I'll just get right to the chase:

Tonight at 9pm at the Nitehawk Cinema, there will be a 10 Year Anniversary screening of "The Loneliest Time of My Life
" by Joel Lee Kulp and Aaron Christian Harms.  It's a beautifully shot retro noir fantastical situation.  This was my first scoring job and I still really love it.... euphonium and ukulele... and I do some singing on it too.  Hmmm.  Didn't Johnny Oh! teach everyone how to do "The Madison" for this?  My memory shall be refreshed of this tonight I figure.  Anyhoo,  I'll be at the screening, there will be a talk with the filmmakers, and we will be hanging out in the lounge afterwords.  Here's the trailer:

In my last email, I incorrectly said that I had a show with Richard Julian this coming weekend.   That'll be on Sept 8th at Rockwood, and then Sept 9th, as a duo, at the LIC Bar.  I'll send details on those as the dates get nearer.

Below are the details for tonight's event:

Mon 8/27 9pm 10 Year Anniversary Screening of The Loneliest Time Of My Life at Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn) 

Take care!



You Want This
This is a CD.  "Old" school. Want one? I actually have some in stock right now.  Crazy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

JWH uke show at Freddy's Bar in Park Slope Thursday (tomorrow)


There are some months that have four Thursdays.  There are some that have five.  Indeed..August 2012 has five.  Due to a configuration with my monthly gig schedule that is much too uninteresting to go into detail about, I've been unable to schedule in a performance at the ukulele night at Freddy's Bar in Park Slope...until now.  This is a momentous occasion because, well, Freddy's bar is cool,  I don't play much in Park Slope it seems, I like the folks putting it together, and have been wanting to check out the night since they started it.

With that... tomorrow (Thursday) you will find me playing both solo ukulele and in a trio configuration featuring crack ukulele accompanists Jim Whitney on bass and Andrew Burns on drums.  The night begins at 8:00 with your host Craig Chesler in the audience participation portion of the evening.  Indeed, you can bring your ukulele and play along in an easy going informal jam session with fellow four stringed brethren.  Then, I'll go up at 9:30 and play some solo ukulele, and then have Jim and Andy join me.  This is all happening at Freddy's Bar in Park Slope, which is a very cool joint.  

I hope you can make it out.  All the info is on the gig schedule page.  The link is to the right.

Take care,


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mbar (Midtown) Wednesday - Garage (W. Village) Friday

Howaaaya?  Grey weather... is totally awesome when you've got a lot of work to do.  Less least from the outside.  Hunker down time, you dig.

Tomorrow, I'll come out of from hunkering in my bunker to play my monthly residency at 
M Bar in Midtown.  I'll be singing, playing trombone, ukulele yadda yadda yadda.  Same thing I've been doing there for over 10 years now and they still put up with me.  Fortunately they do, or I'd just stay hunkered in my bunker talking in cartoon voices to myself, and unwittingly to anyone within earshot of my bunker.  My bunker is not sound proofed.  Believe me.  Enough talk about my bunker....  I suppose I should be promoting this and telling you how great the room is, how wonderful the cocktails are, how conveniently located it is, what a reasonable time of evening it'll be, and how amazingly joyful and beautiful the music...  Feh. I've done that so many times I think I'd rather go back to talking about my bunker.  Bunker bunker bunker.

Friday I'll be playing at Garage in the West Village at the completely unreasonable time of 10:45pm to 2:45am with the most hard rocking dixieland band on the freakin' planet: Kevin Dorn's Big 72.  I am not a young man anymore, and playing in a spirited fashion at those hours can be a stretch.  However, I'll do it again and again, with no questions asked for the likes of the Big 72.  That's the insanity that keeps me er... uh... I don't know if "sane" is quite the word, but you get the picture.

Hmmm.  I think I'll quit while I'm behind.  A marketing person, I am not.  However, in the odd case that my descriptions of any of the above mentioned shows sounded appealing to you at all, the pertinent information is on the Gig Schedule page, and the link to it is on the right.

Friday, August 10, 2012

August 2012

Thu 8/4 8:00pm w/JC Hopkins Biggish Ensemble @ City Winery (155 Varick) Tom Waits Tribute

Fri 8/3 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 Garage (99 7th Ave S)

Sat 8/11 8:00pm -  10ish pm JWH Trio @ 68 Jay St Bar (68 Jay St, Brooklyn [D.U.M.B.O.])

Sat 8/11 10:00ish to Midnight-ish w/Will Scott68 Jay St Bar (68 Jay St, Brooklyn [D.U.M.B.O.])

Wed 8/15 7:00pm – 10:00pm JWH Trio @ The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel (12 W44)

Fri 8/17 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 Garage (99 7th Ave S)

Thu 8/23 9:30pm JWH solo/duo/trio @ Uke Night at Freddy's Bar (627 5th Ave btw 17th and 18th st BROOKLYN) concert/open uke jam hosted by awesome-issimo Craig Chesler at 8pm

Mon 8/27 9pm 10 Year Anniversary Screening of The Loneliest Time Of My Life at Nitehawk Cinema <--click link for trailer (136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)  This was my first film score.

updated 8/24/12

Saturday - 68 Jay St. Bar in Dumbo

Greetings and I hope you're groovy and all today.  I've been flyin' a little below the radar, and I apologize for the lapse in communication.   I do have a fine excuse for this said stretch of inaction, in that I have somehow procured a new full time composing job, and I've been cutting back on performances to make time for it.  I've had a difficult time keeping my vast promotional machine in place, though I'm now feeling like I'm starting to get more of a handle on my situation. You'll be hearing more about that job from me come Fall 2013.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Saturday (tomorrow!), I'll be leading a trio at 68 Jay St Bar in Dumbo.  This is one of my favorite neighborhood bars.  It's a great hang and a fun place to check out some music.  Saturdays are typically pretty lively, and I'm looking forward to it.  After we play our set, I'll be joining Will Scott and his band…which is gonna be a blast. That's a threat.

You'll find the pertinent information for the above mentioned shindoogle plus a look ahead at the rest of the month if you click the Gig Schedule link you see to the right ---->