Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mbar (Midtown) Wednesday - Garage (W. Village) Friday

Howaaaya?  Grey weather... is totally awesome when you've got a lot of work to do.  Less distractions...at least from the outside.  Hunker down time, you dig.

Tomorrow, I'll come out of from hunkering in my bunker to play my monthly residency at 
M Bar in Midtown.  I'll be singing, playing trombone, ukulele yadda yadda yadda.  Same thing I've been doing there for over 10 years now and they still put up with me.  Fortunately they do, or I'd just stay hunkered in my bunker talking in cartoon voices to myself, and unwittingly to anyone within earshot of my bunker.  My bunker is not sound proofed.  Believe me.  Enough talk about my bunker....  I suppose I should be promoting this and telling you how great the room is, how wonderful the cocktails are, how conveniently located it is, what a reasonable time of evening it'll be, and how amazingly joyful and beautiful the music...  Feh. I've done that so many times I think I'd rather go back to talking about my bunker.  Bunker bunker bunker.

Friday I'll be playing at Garage in the West Village at the completely unreasonable time of 10:45pm to 2:45am with the most hard rocking dixieland band on the freakin' planet: Kevin Dorn's Big 72.  I am not a young man anymore, and playing in a spirited fashion at those hours can be a stretch.  However, I'll do it again and again, with no questions asked for the likes of the Big 72.  That's the insanity that keeps me er... uh... I don't know if "sane" is quite the word, but you get the picture.

Hmmm.  I think I'll quit while I'm behind.  A marketing person, I am not.  However, in the odd case that my descriptions of any of the above mentioned shows sounded appealing to you at all, the pertinent information is on the Gig Schedule page, and the link to it is on the right.


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