Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garage Friday - JWH Show @ Jalopy Saturday

Greetings.  I write you to tell you of these things that shall come to pass.   A light of brightness shall be shined upon both of these things that shall come to pass (unless electric bills have not been paid.)  A sound of soundly soundness shall emit from these things that shall come to pass.  And nay, these things that shall come to pass shall not come to pass simply because I'm using my "oracle" tone of voice...

Ahh yes.  The oracle has told me that I'll be playing trombone tomorrow, Friday, in the West Village with Kevin Dorn and The Big 72.  I've also been told by the oracle that we'll be playing somewhat obnoxiously late for a somewhat obnoxiously long time.  However, The Big 72 is one of the most rocking good time trad-dixieland jazz bands this side of NGC-4414. I'd be willing to bet that if you came by, you'd understand why I have no problem with the oracle on this one.

The oracle also mentioned in passing that I'll be doing my own show at 
The Jalopy Theater in Red Hook (northern hook-like...close to Cobble Hill, as they like to say) this Saturday at 10pm.  I'll be performing some solo ukulele, and will also be joined by the rest of the trio (Andy Burns & Jim Whitney) for some tunes where I'll play some trombone too.  Crazy, I know.  Matt Munisteri, one of my favorite guitarists around, will be playing a set at 9pm, and I'll be there to check that out too.  If you've not been to Jalopy, it is more than worth the trip out.  The vibe is incredible and it's a really special place to listen to live music.  I love playing there.  TICKETS.

All of the nitty gritties that shall allow one to attend the oracle's forseen events (as well as an extended soothsaying of things even further into the future) are below:

Fri 10/19 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 @ Garage (99 7th Ave S)

Sat 10/20 10pm JWH @ The Jalopy Theater (315 Columbia bet Hamilton @ Woodhull Brooklyn [Red Hook]) 

Thu 10/25 9:30pm-12:00am w/Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet @ The Nuyorican Poet’s Café( 236 E 3rd St) $7 cover

Sat 10/27 8:00pm w/Richard Julian @ The Falcon (1348 Route 9W MARLBORO, NY)

The oracle is wise.  Listeneth ye well.


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