Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barbès Thursday 10pm w/Pre War Ponies

And furthermore!...

oh wait. I've not said anything. Or at least not since my last post, which was eons ago. Oh wait, I probably didn't say anything then, either. I just love saying, "and futhermore..." with authority! it sounds... like I'm saying something. Oooh, and while we're at it, the phrase "...and to add insult to injury..." is also sort of that ilk. I love to say that! And furthermore, (to add insult to injury) I LOVE the world "ladle." Yeahman. I could say that schtuff all the day long.

In other news...

On Thursday night, at 10pm I'll be playing trombone and soprano ukulele (as to be differentiated from the concert, baritone, or sopranino ukulele) with Daria Grace, playing the baritone ukulele (see previous pointless parenthesized pontification) and The Pre-war Ponies at our monthly romp at Barbès in Park Slope.

That's all I got. Here's the deets plus a look ahead:

Thu 11/13 10:00pm -11:59pm w/The Pre-war Ponies @ Barbès (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN)

Fri 11/21 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 @ Garage (99 7th Ave S)