Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Domaine Wine Bar LIC Wednesday - Rooftop Concerts Saturday and Sunday!

Greetings.  I just looked at my schedule and was kind of blown away.  All the shows I'm mentioning here are in Long Island City.  If you had told me when I moved here in 2001 that I'd one day be sending out an email with four (five) performances in LIC in two weeks, I'da laughed in your freakin' face.  Yep!

Wednesday (tomorrow) you'll find me playing trombone and ukulele in a dastardly duo situation with pianist Matt Ray.  As we play for your wine, cheese, and oysters at Domaine Bar a Vins, you will be transported into a world where they serve wine, cheese, and oysters while a band plays jazz.  For the record, Matt is awesome.  

Saturday will be a very special rooftop concert with my friend and collaborator Pat Irwin.  We'll perform original and intimate duets for trombone and guitar.  We'll also be joined by Brian Cavanagh-Strong on several pieces.  This will be our 6th time playing the LIC Arts open...and this will be special for sure.  The view will be incredible.

Sunday, I'll be leading a trio set with Jim Whitney on bass and Andrew Burns on drums at that same rooftop.  I'll perhaps lean more on the ukulele side of things...playing old tunes... again a great view.

You can find all the nitty gritties for the gigs listed in the 'hood....plus a wee look ahead... by clicking the "gig schedule" link to the right.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Domaine Wine Bar in LIC Tomorrow - Emmy win - New Time @ Barbès

Greetings.  It's been a crazy last week.  I'll explain below... but first and foremost I'd like to remind you that tomorrow I'll be playing trombone/ukulele for your wine and cheese at my every-other week hang at Domaine Bar a Vins in LIC.  I'll be joined by Jon Cowherd on piano and Rene Hart on bass.

Two big pieces of news:
First, I'm proud to say that I won an Emmy (as crazy as this sounds, my fourth) for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Direction and Composition for work as music director and composer for Peg + Cat on PBS.  I shared that honor with music supervisor/audio director Steven Rebollido as well as composers Martin Erskine and DD Jackson.  Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled.  Peg + Cat also took home a second Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Pre-School Animated program.  What a hoot that whole thing was.

Second...and this is the biggie:  Starting in May, the The Pre-War Ponies will play our monthly gig at Barbès IN THE EARLY SLOT!!!  8PM!  You can totally rock that on the school night that it is! YES!

All the info for the above mentioned shows, plus a look at the rest of the month can be found by clicking the "gig schedule" link to the right.