Friday, September 28, 2012

Pre War Ponies! Park Slope Saturday, Manhattan Sunday, Williamsburg Monday

Greetings.  You have three, yes three, chances to catch Daria Grace and The Pre War Ponies in three, yes three, different neighborhoods.  In all cases these gigs are free, yes free, with a tip jar passed.  Ok all three, yes three, aren't really free, yes free, because you have to tip me, yes me.  That being said, while not being free, yes free, and tipping me, yes me, it's still cheaper than most prix fixe, oui prix fixe.  Why prix fix, oui prix fixe, you ask?  Well, prix fixe, oui prix fixe, rhymes with free, yes free, and three, yes three says me, yes me.  None of that jive rhymes with "cover" though.

Yes, this is what it's come to. *sigh*

Anyhoo, you have three, yes three chances to check out Daria Grace and the Pre War Ponies in three wonderful places.  On Saturday we're at 
Barbes, in Park Slope, which is an incredible listening room with an incredible intimate vibe.  Sunday, w'ell be at The Rodeo Bar, in a Curry Hill(ish) location, boasts the stoooopid-est frozen margaritas in the world and the highest chance of all three places to get into a peanut fight.  On Monday night we'll be at a new(ish) spot in Williamsburg called St. Mazie.  It's owned by the same folks that brought us Moto, so I'm sure that joint will be happenin'.

That's what I got.  You'll find all the deets and a look into October, yes October, by clicking on the "gig schedule" link to the right.


October 2012

Mon 10/1 9:30pm Pre War Ponies @ St. Mazie (345 Grand St [Williamsburg] BROOKLYN)

Wed 10/3 8:00pm w Valery Ponomarev Jazz Big Band @ Zinc Bar (83 W 3rd St btw Thompson and Sullivan)

Tue 10/16 9:00pm - Midnight (ish) w/Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet @ Fat Cat (75 Christopher St at 7th Ave)

Fri 10/19 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 @ Garage (99 7th Ave S)

Sat 10/20 10pm JWH @ The Jalopy Theater (315 Columbia bet Hamilton @ Woodhull Brooklyn [Red Hook]) TICKETS.

Thu 10/25 9:30pm-12:00am w/Willie Martinez La Familia Sextet @ The Nuyorican Poet’s Café( 236 E 3rd St) $7 cover

Sat 10/27 8:00pm w/Richard Julian @ The Falcon (1348 Route 9W MARLBORO, NY)

updated 10/17/12

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MBar Tonight!


Tonight I'm at the Mbar with Jim Whitney on bass and Russ Meissner on drums! 

I'm keeping it simple.  No choice.  It's kinda like how when you have an event to attend right next door you're more likely to be late than if you had an hour  commute.  When my performing schedule is a little lighter I'm more likely to give less notice.  I'm not saying it right, but that's what it is.  Dammit Jim, I'm a trombone player, not a promoter!

In other news I'll be playing at the Tennessee Williams Festival in Provincetown, MA on Sunday backing up Tony nominated Alison Fraser in "The Tennessee Williams Songbook."  Crazy, right?  So, if you happen to be rockin' P-town this weekend, c'mon by...

All the info for the gig tonight is on the "gig schedule" page.  Link is to the right...