Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MBar Wednesday - Bklyn Heights Library and Rockwood Stage One Saturday

Greetings.  It is with great aplomb that...  hmmm.  I could use a plum right about now...  maybe a pickled one.  mmmmm umeboshi!

Speaking of being pickled, I'll be playing for your pickling pleasure (lest the pressure of a peck of pickled plums piques your particular pining for pellucidity, per se) at the 
M Bar on Wednesday.  I'll play some trombone,  some ukulele, sing a song or so, and be joined by Jim Whitney on bass and Andy Burns on the drums.  Perhaps we'll have Andy do a random reading from the bookshelf (lest the book be in Russian, when Jim'll take over.)  The MBar is a fine establishment located conveniently in Midtown Manhattan, and is a swell spot for an early evening cocktail.

Saturday I'm rockin' a double.  First, at 1:00, I'll be playing Latin Jazz trombone with Willie Martinez and the 
La Familia Sextet at the Brooklyn Heights Library.  Hmmm.  I thought libraries were supposed to be quiet places?  Anyhoo, it'll be a wonderful afternoon-time concert to benefit individuals with autism and their families.  Willie's band is freakin' awesome, to boot.  RSVP required

Then, that night, I'll be armed to the teeth with seven positions (and infinite points in between) of trombone-y joy, joining Richard Julian (and Tim Lunzel and Dan Reiser) at Rockwood Music Hall Stage One.  We'll be doing an extended set.  Richard's tunes & delivery are nothing short of amazing.  The rhythm section is nothing short of tight and grooving as all-get-out.  Me? I'm just nothing that short.  I'm not really that tall, either.  You wouldn't be able to tell too much anyway, because I'm usually sitting down when I play with Richard at Rockwood.  But, I digress.

Click on the "gig schedule link" to the right to see all the pickle-y particulars for the above mentioned performances, and a look through the brine at the rest of the month...

Friday, January 04, 2013

January 2013

Sat 1/12 7:30pm w/Richard Julian @ Nights At The Beekley (Beekley Community Library 10 Central Avenue, New Hartford, CT) $25 at door

Sun 1/13 7:00pm - 11:00pm Pre War Ponies @ Superfine (126 Front Street, Dumbo BROOKLYN)

Wed 1/16 7:00pm – 10:00pm JWH Trio @ The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel (12 W44)

Sat 1/19 1:00pm w/Willie Martinez' La Familia Sextet @ Brooklyn Heights Library Auditorium (280 Cadman Plaza West @ Tillary BROOKLYN) RSVP required

Sat 1/19 8:00pm w/Richard Julian @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage One (196 Allen btwn Houston and Stanton)

Sat 1/26 8:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ Barbes (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN)

Sun 1/27 9:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ The Rodeo Bar (3rd Ave @ 27th St)

updated 1/15/13