Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Louis Armstrong House 2nite - MBar Wednesday - Slipper Room Saturday

Again, sorry for my last minute notice.  Due to my extremely packed schedule with the new show, I've not been the best at keeping up with promotion these days.  If you'd like to try to stay a step ahead of me, do drop by the blog at jwalterhawkes.com, where I *usually* have my schedule updated and you'll get a bit more advance notice.  

I've got a nice one tonight that I'm looking forward to, playing Latin jazz with Willie Martinez & The La Familia Sextet at the historical Louis Armstrong house in Corona.  It's a full on block party. (See flyer below.) Louis was all about his neighborhood and very supportive of his neighbors and local community.  I think he would approve of this block party.  So do I.

Tomorrow I'll be leading a trio consisting of Lim Yang on bass and Andy Burns on drums at 
The M Bar.  I can now say I've been playing there 10 years for certain.  I think I've been there longer than anyone on staff there.  That's crazy.   Ohhhh I remember when they used to put the band on THAT side of the room... and I'd send my emails via Outlook 2000.  

Sunday I'll be playing with JC Hopkins and his Biggish Band at the 
Slipper Room.  If you've not seen the Slipper Room since they've remodeled it, it's pretty darn impressive.  It'll be a great show with many special guests and quite possibly pieces of clothing removed.  (Not mine.)  These new Sunday shows with JC may keep their clothes on, for the most part...I think.  Only way to know for certain is to show up, in the spirit of research.

Below are all the deets and a look ahead...

Tue 8/20 7pm w/Willie Martinez & The La Familia Sextet @ Louis Armstrong House (34-56 107th St Corona, QUEENS)  Jazzmobile Block Party at the Louis Armstrong House
Wed 8/21 7:00pm – 10:00pm JWH Trio @ The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel (12 W44)
Sun 8/25 8:00pm - 11:00pm w/JC Hopkins Biggish Band @ @ The Slipper Room (167 Orchard @ Stanton) $10 cover
Fri 8/30 7:30pm - 10:40pm w/The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra @ Jazzin' Up The Links Festival (Green Lake, WI)
Sat 8/31 8:30pm w/The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra @ FitzGerald's (6615 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn IL)
Sun 9/1 7:00pm w/The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra @  FitzGerald's (6615 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn IL)
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Monday, August 12, 2013

August Schedule up

Yeah yeah yeah.  I posted my August schedule a mere eleven days into the month.  You might say I'm a little off my game, and I might agree. ("Might" being the key word in those statements...)

Regardless, the schedule is up (click on "gig schedule", in the handy box of links to the right.)  

Thanks for coming by.  

August 2013

Sat 8/3 8:00pm - 11:00pm w/Raphael D'Lugoff Fat Cat (75 Christopher St at 7th Ave)

Fri 8/16 10:45pm – 2:45am w/The Big 72 Garage (99 7th Ave S)

Sat 8/17 9:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ Barbes (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN)

Tue 8/20 7pm w/Willie Martinez & The La Familia Sextet @ Louis Armstrong House (34-56 107th St Corona, QUEENS)  Jazzmobile Block Party at the Louis Armstrong House

Wed 8/21 7:00pm – 10:00pm JWH Trio @ The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel (12 W44)

Fri 8/30 7:30pm - 10:40pm w/The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra @ Jazzin' Up The Links Festival (Green Lake, WI)

Sat 8/31 8:30pm w/The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra @ FitzGerald's (6615 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn IL)