Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music/Art/Burlesque Tomorrow Night - Garage Friday

Maintenance.  Today is a maintenance day.  Be it digitally, as I'm upgrading the operating system on one of my computers, or domestically, as I'm just about to do some serious folding in the laundromat. (Better to fold there than onstage, you dig.)  Ah yes, I'm livin' the life.
Tomorrow I'll be playing at the Battles and Burlesque Speakeasy with Mona's Hot Four in er,.... W30th st... isn't quite midtown.... not quite Chelsea... ok.  In Manhattan!  Ahem.  Anyhoo...that's where the event will be.  There will be music making, an art battle*, and burslesquing.  (Including the incredible Angie Pontani.) I always have a blast with Dennis and Mona's Hot Four, so this will be a hoot, to boot.

Friday night I'll be playing tailgate trombone and singing a few tunes with the hardest rocking traditional jazz band alive on the planet, Kevin Dorn and  The Big 72.  I stand by those words and will defend them until the day I die.  We'll be playing at the Garage in the West Village, obnoxiously late, for an obnoxiously long time, for obnoxiously intoxicated people.  Do join us.  ;)

All of the pertinent info for the above mentioned shows is on the "gig schedule" page... link is to the right.

* An "Art Battle" being art, painting in particular, as a competetive spectator sport...which is more or less 180 degrees from what many may believe about art and artists. However, when one is in mid swoon with a tasty cocktail, whilst immersed in an atmostphere of gin-swilling jazz and buxom burlesque performers shedding their skins, one may find that the height of one's ideals is inversely proportional (the reciprocal, if you will) to how high one actually is.  I've yet to perfectly balance the equasion, but I feel my hypothesis is correct.  More research is needed.  Much more.  ;)


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