Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Steinhof 2nite! Arelene's Saturday! Epistrophy Sunday!

Greetings.  It is with much joy that I tell you that I shall be playing at Cafe Steinhof again tonight in Park Slope.  Indeed, it's a bit of a triumphant return, tho I probably don't want to say that.  I'm pretty good a jinxing things.  So, if it all goes to hell and I somehow start another international conflict or full on global nuclear war, I suppose I only have myself and my jinxing talents to blame.  This being said, I should have a rosier attitude.  It's still before noon though...and with me, a rosy attitude is a bit of a stretch in the a.m.

Ok.  Let's try that one again.

Tonight!  It's with much happiness and joy that I tell you we're playing Steinhof again!  
Cafe Steinhof is a Park Slope institution... a cultural hub of Brooklyn awesome.  The food, Austrian fare, is completely off the hook.  The beers are incredible imports from Germany, Austria, Belgium, etc.  So, needless to say, I'm totally stoked to be playing there again.  It's also a great environment to make music.  (Ahh yes, Steinhof was the gestating pool of that brought us the Useless Bastards back in the day...) Tonight, I'll be goin' between playing original tunes, wacky covers, maybe a ukulele feature or two, and of course a lot of those old tunes I enjoy so much.  I'll be joined by trio (and Steinhof) veterans Jim Whitney on bass and Andrew Burns on drums.

Saturday night I'll be rocking in the horn section with Queens rockers, 
The Big Daddy Project.   We'll be bringing a big dose of old skool Long Island City to the classic music dive Arlene's Grocery on the Lower East Side.  The BDP plays hilarious and over the top originals about our fair neighborhood and it's colorful denizens, as well as funky covers.  We'll have many special guests.  I'll be joining the Vernon Horns,  and will be contributing the horn arrangements.

Sunday night I'll be leading the trio, playing trombone, ukulele and singing (again with Jim and Andrew) at the 
Epistrophy Cafe in Nolita.  The food, the stage, the vibe, the gene pool, and the hang are completely off the charts.  The location isn't bad either.  Highly recommended for an incredibly tasty Sunday evening Italian meal w/live music on stage early enough for a school night...

All the pertinent information for the above mentioned brouhahas is listed on the gigs page...


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