Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Holy Sideman, Batman! Six nights in a row...


I've had one of those crazy things happen to my schedule that I'm sure most of you can relate with.    Ye gets a couple weeks with nothin', then WHAM! You're rocked by an onslaught of things to do.  I'm sure there must be a science to scheduling and keeping that in check.  This being said, I think any science would just be rendered into voodoo when put into the context of the freelancer that works for him/herself doing a collection of disparate things to survive.  Bring it on, I say.

Tonight I'll be playing Latin jazz trombone with Willie Martinez' La Familia Sextet at Fat Cat in the West Village.  Beer, pool, ping pong, air hockey, Foosball, and jazz...

Wednesday night I'll be playing with Andrew Hall's Seventh Circle Syncopators @ 
Clover Club in Brooklyn.  This will be fine jazz provided by Dan Levinson on clarinet, Alan Cary on banjo/guitar, Andrew Hall on bass, and yours truly.  This is a swank room with amazing cocktails... Andrew doesn't know I made up a name for the band here.  We can keep it that way...  

Thursday I'll be playing with La Familia again at The The Nuyorican Poet’s Café in the East Village, proving that we are, indeed, bi-coastal.  This room is classic old school East Village, and one of the last remaining to be so.

Friday I'll be rocking some late night tailgate trombone with Kevin Dorn and 
The Big 72 at the Garage in the West Village.  This shall rock.

Saturday I'll be playing trombone with 
Richard Julian at Rockwood Music Hall Stage Two.  Richard is working on his new album, which I'm thrilled to be a part of.  We did some tracking in New Orleans a few weeks back, and that was a hoot-point-five. (er, a hoot and a half)  We'll be playing music from this upcoming record in which I speak, er type, in a great listening room.  Highly recommended.

Sunday I'll be playing trombone and ukulele with Daria Grace and the 
Prewar Ponies at the The Rodeo Bar.  This will be a righteous, mellow hang, and a great way to finish up this particular bundle o' gigs.

There you have it.  All the pertinent, updated information for the above mentioned slew can be found on the gig/schedule page on this here site.  

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