Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JWH Trio at MBar tomorrow

Greetings.  For the life of me, I can't figure out what crazy gene from our neanderthalic  past causes these incredible urges to destroy and rebuild your environment.  Yes, it is the instinct to "Spring clean." and it's turned me into a frothing at the mouth lunatic.  Too much stuff!  Nothing is organized!  Where's that tape measure?  No need to go to the gym, I've pounding my body into submission by  moving everything I've got in circles for no good reason at all!  Where does this come from?  Did we hibernate as cave-people, come out in spring and say, "Me rocks and me clubs... messy messy!   Mmmm.  Me build shelves beside stalagmite!  Must destroy entire cave to make shelf!  Make better!  Mmmmm."

Ok.  No more caveman talk.  Me talk about MBar now:

Tomorrow, I'll be back at my monthly haunt of about 10 years... the 
M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel.  I'll be playing trombone and ukulele...and singing... with the incredible Mr. Jim Whitney on the bass and Mr. incomparable Andrew Burns on  the drums.   So conveniently located and at such a conveniently respectable time for a school night, it makes for a soothing situation for that cave-person that lurks within us all.  "Caveman love gin and tonic with lime after hard day hunting and gathering!"   Me too, Mr. Caveman.  Me too...

All the actual useful information for the above mentioned situation, and a look at the situations for the rest of the month is on the schedule page.  I'll now return to obliterating my home and studio just to find my bag of stupid little pins that holds Ikea Ivar shelves together.   Mmmmmm.  Where's me club???


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