Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MBar 2nite - Concert w/Pat Irwin Fri in LIC - JWH Jazz Brunch LIC on Sun

Greetings.  I've been a little under the weather for the past week or so.  Actually we all (more or less) have, as human beings cannot survive above the weather without expensive equipment.  That fact aside, I'm more or less back on my feet.

Tonight, you'll find me on my feet at 
The M Bar at the Mansfield Hotel with Jim Whitney on the bass and Andrew Burns on the drums (Mobile Unit #2) as we do our finest sets for your cocktailing pleasure.  As always, the MBar is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, early enough for a school night, swanky enough to impress, yet still relaxed enough to set your minds at ease.

This will be a wacky good time.Friday will be a special night indeed.  
Pat Irwin and I will be doing another show of originals showcasing guitar, trombone, and vintage electronics.  I'll be playing my trombone and sounds created by old Commodore 64 sound chips for 8 bit frivolity.  I'll also be rocking the telelele, which basically looks like a Fender Telecaster (electric guitar) that was left in the dryer for too long.  Pat will be playing guitar and sounds created by old rhythm machines (Roland 330, Rhythm Ace, Rhythm King) old synths (including a Juno) and sounds from instruments found on the street.  It's a very groovy vibe, it takes Pat and I four to five hours to set up all the gear, and it'll be at a kooky raw space in Long Island City.  All this is put together by the incredible LIC Arts Open Festival, which will be having the festival launch party around the corner at the Sculpture Center from 5pm - 8pm right before our 8:30 concert.   

Sunday, I'll be leading my trio for a jazz brunch situation at the new 
Z Hotel in Long Island City.  The food is good, reasonably priced, and it's a nice room.  A jazz brunch in LIC?  It can happen.  Indeed, a jazz brunch within stumbling distance is about the only way you'll find me getting my horn out of the case that early on a weekend, you dig.  This event is also in collaboration with the LIC Arts Open Festival.

As always, you'll find the pertinent information for the above mumbled gigs on the gigs page of this here blog-o-rooni. 


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