Sunday, April 01, 2012

Epistrophy 2nite, Sunny's Wed, Bklyn Rod and Gun Sat

Greetings.  I just flew in from New Orleans, and boy is my liver tired.  It was a great trip. I played with and heard some great music, I ate some incredible food, I enjoyed some deep hangs with some awesome people, but alas it has rendered my ability to give you decent notice somewhat useless.  Nevertheless, I'm happy to present to you three gigs in three awesomely vibe-acious places to hang out and enjoy music this week.

Tonight I'll be tromboning, uking, and singing for your dining & listening pleasure at 
Epistrophy Cafe in Nolita.  The trio includes Tim Luntzel and Andy Burns. The food here is slamming.  The vibe is great.  The gene pool amongst those who come here is impressive too... lots o' beautiful people.  Come out and help keep that trend!

Wednesday I'll be tromboning, uking, and singing for your imbibing and listening pleasure at 
Sunny's Bar in Red Hook.  I'll be leading a trio  including Jim Whitney and Andy Burns.  The amplitude o' vibe is off the charts here.  This bar provides one of the ultimate hangs in New York City in my (rather experienced) opinion.

Saturday I'll be tromboning, soprano uking, and backup singing for your, er, fishing and shooting (?) and listening pleasure with Daria Grace and 
The Pre-War Ponies at Brooklyn Rod And Gun in Williamsburg.  This is another joint that exudes an amazing vibe.  It combines the high ideals of a quiet listening room with the more down to Earth ideals of fishing rods and a 'fridge full of Schaeffer.  The Pre-War Ponies, with the two ukulele strummy acoustic mellowness, Daria's smoky vocals, and a repertoire of 1920's and 1930's obscurities are an ideal fit.

Below you'll find all the info for the above mentioned gigs plus a look at the rest of April as it stands now.  Also note below Queen Esther's 
Billie Holiday Project at the Apollo Theater on the 13th & 14th.  Last I heard, the show on the 13th was sold out.  If you want to go, I would get your tickets ASAP.  Hotcakes! Those tickets are going like, hotcakes.  Oh.  Hotcakes.  It's breakfast time... suddenly I'm craving maple syrup... hmmmm.

All pertinent info for all the above mentioned gigs is on the gig schedule page.

Take care!



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