Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barbès in Brooklyn tonight + other shows this month

Greetings.  It is that time again when I say "it is that time again."  Tonight, I'll be playing trombone and (a brand new) soprano ukulele with the Pre-War Ponies tonight as we embark upon a brand new residency at Barbès in Park Slope.  Yup.  We'll be there 0n the second Thursday of every month.  Barbès is one of my favorite places to play in the known universe (well, I suppose the unknown universe as well, since it's not known... you know...the whole tree falls in the woods thing... or even a half a tree... but I digress...) and to have a steady situation there is awesome.
You'll find me leading a trio next Wednesday at the Mbar.  I'll be sporting the new uke there too.

There's some other good things coming up this month.  Click on the "gig schedule" link there to the right.  I dare ya.

Ok, back to my irregularly scheduled insanity...  Take care!



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