Friday, June 21, 2013

Jalopy Tonight - LIC Bar Sunday - HBTM

Greetings.  This'll be a short and er, tart one for the longest day of the year (and the beginning of my own next trip around the sun.)  I've been a bit ill...and not quite recovered yet.  However that doesn't stop the afore mentioned world from orbiting.  On this matter, I'll keep my opinion to myself, as this would rat me out.   You'd then know what I might believe the world revolves around... *sigh*

Tonight, at the official beginning of my next orbit, I'll be with the 
Pre War Ponies at Jalopy in Red Hook, playing a set at 10pm.  This will be a fun show and we'll be sharing the night with great other fun acts (the Sumner Brothers at 9pm, Kelli Rae Powell at 11pm) and rumor has it Daria even made a set list for us.  (Now there's a reason to stop the world in orbit!)

Sunday, I'll be leading a band with Andy Burns on drums, Jim Whitney on bass, and Tom Beckham on vibes at one of my local-yokal waterin' holes, the LIC Bar.  Daria will be coming by to join us on a few tunes as well.  We'll be playing in the outside courtyard, which is dog and kid friendly.  It's in the late afternoon on a Sunday.  There's going to be music for a lot of incredible groups all afternoon long (I'm lookin' at you, Josh Deutsch - playing at 4pm)  This place is so close to my home and work, I'm bound to be late to the gig.  What's not to love?

Hope you can make it out to one of these situations on this weekend that marks the beginning of my 43rd trip around the sun.  Sorry for the late notice.  After 43 orbits, one starts to move a little slower, and take a little longer to recover from life's little curve balls.  Hopefully, with the amount of orbits I've racked up, I'll know better when to (and how to) swing at 'em.  (you dig.)

Deets for the above mentioned Earthbound events are below, as well as a look into the rest of the month.

Fri 6/21 10pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ The Jalopy Theater (315 Columbia bet Hamilton @ Woodhull Brooklyn [Red Hook]) TICKETS
Sun 6/23 6pm - 8pm JWH Trio @ LIC Bar (45-58 Vernon Blvd @ 46th Ave - LONG ISLAND CITY) (outdoor - w/special guest Daria Grace of the Pre-War Ponies
Fri 6/28 9:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ Brooklyn Rod And Gun (59 Kent Ave, [Williamsburg] Brooklyn)
Sat 6/29 7pm - 9pm (doors 6:30) w/JC Hopkins Biggish Band @ Zinc Bar (83 W 3rd St btw Thompson and Sullivan) "Summer Swing" show as part of the Blue Note Jazz festival.  TICKETS
Sun 6/30 9:00pm w/The Prewar Ponies @ Barbes (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN)

Take care!


You Want This
This is a CD.  "Old" school. Want one? I actually have some in stock right now.  Crazy.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Jan Gržinić said...

Hi Walter!

I saw some episodes of "Go, baby" and I love the song in the episode Space (or Moon). Do you have it? I'm searching it but never find it, it´s great, amazing and inspiring song.

If you can contact me, my mail is

Thanks and regards!


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