Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Domaine Wine Bar in LIC Tomorrow - Barbès in Park Slope Thursday - New Horn

Howaaaaaaya?  This sentence is a preamble to a not so ramble-y ramble to handle as you scramble to the gamble of a new day.

I have a "new" (old!) horn, and am psyched to be breaking it in this week.  Or maybe it's breaking me in.  I dunno.  Something's breaking!

Tomorrow, I'll lead a trio w/Jesse Gelber on piano and Brian Nalepka on the bass.  I'm considering bringing a guitar (as well as the usual uke.)  We'll see.  Guitar or not, we'll be playing for you and your wine and your cheese and your oysters at Domaine Bar a Vins in beautiful Long Island City... right by the 7 train.  Cozy.  Mellow.  French.  Oui!

Thursday, I'll be playing with Daria Grace and the The Pre-War Ponies at our usual monthly hang at Barbès in Park Slope.  This place, coincidently, is also very French. (Oui Oui!!) It also sports one of the best listening rooms on the planet.

I shall ramble no more.  Click on the "gig schedule" link to the right for the actual deets and a look ahead.


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