Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Get Out Under The Moon" released - Barbés Thursday - Bar Lunatico Saturday


First things first:  I will not be performing as planned tonight at Domaine Bar a Vins in LIC due to a convergence of deadlines and a divergence in schedules.  That said, the club was extremely nice and flexible with my mere 24 hours notice, so if you're in the neck of the woods tonight and hankering for a glass of vino, stop by and give them your business anyway.  :)  Those guys are awesome.  I'll be back there on the 24th (see schedule below.)

After 4 years of recording and mixing, a crowd funding campaign, and doing our best to figure out how the heck to put out a record ourselves... on January 20th, The Pre-War Ponies new album "dropped."  That's hip-speak saying that it's now available to anyone in the world (barring government firewalls and general computer access.)   You can download it at iTunes and Amazon.  You can also get physical copies of CDs and LP records (yes, you read that right...and the LP sounds great) at   The record is awesome.  Get your copy today!

Or...come see us live.  We'll be at our monthly residency in Brooklyn tomorrow night at Barbés, the most awesome listening room in NYC.  That is always a mellow good time.

I'll be playing in Brooklyn again on Saturday, this time with singer-songwriter powerhouse, Richard Julian.  He puts on an incredible show, and is a top notch songwriter.  His songs are witty, intelligent, and he delivers them in a way that will keep you completely engaged and entertained all night.  Bar LunÀtico is just awesome, too.  They sport one of the very best margaritas in NYC, complete with "imported" fresh Key Lime.

You'll find all the info for the above mentioned situations, as well as a look to the month ahead by clicking on the "gig schedule" link on the right.

Take care!



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