Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Domaine Wine Bar Tonight in Long Island City

Greetings.  This Sunday will mark my forty fifth trip around the sun.  I would like to thank everyone who has and hasn't been a part of it, as well as everything around me.  Without anyone or anything, really, it's all nothing.

I shall be celebrating everyone and everything tonight from 8-11 at Domaine Bar a Vins in Long Island City.  Two representatives of the "everyone" camp will be joining me this evening:  Jesse Gelber on the piano and Jim Whitney on the bass.  I do hope other representatives of the "everyone" camp show up, but not all of you.  The joint is cozy, you dig.  Representatives of the everything camp (wine, cheese, oysters, toasted bread) shall also be in attendance to join in the celebration.

All the info you need for tonight, and a wee peek into my forty fifth year of existence can be found on the gig schedule page

Take care!



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