Monday, February 02, 2015

Pre Order the Pre-War Ponies new record!


Order here:

After four years of working on this thing in my studio, Daria Grace and I have finally finished recording, mixing, and mastering the Pre-War Ponies' second record... and I think it sounds freakin' awesome.  (Yeah, I'm biased, but let's not get technical.)  It's a collection of 14 kinda-obscure to very-obscure Tin-Pan-Alley tunes from the 20's - 40's. It has a bunch of really awesome musicians on it, each of whom I'm proud to call my friend.  It also is a very playable, fun record that I think you'll enjoy having around (even if there are a bunch of trombone and ukulele solos on it.)

That said, it is 2015 and the music business isn't what it was.  As hard as this may be to believe, *ahem* I don't have a veritable beaucoup of record companies breaking down my door to press my next project.  Therefore, enter crowd funding and 

It works this way:  If you pre order a copy of "Get Out Under The Moon" we'll be able to use those pre-order funds to finish the last steps of the production process (manufacturing, licensing, artwork, promotion, etc) and we can get you your goods.  There are a few formats to choose from (CD, LP, digital download...even cassette) as well as some other goodies.

Rockethub is like Kickstarter (who you may have heard of before) however, we keep anything we raise, regardless if we make our goal or not.  Rockethub was also started by some really cool folks I know from the LIC music scene, and I'm happy to keep our business "local."

For more info and to make an order, c l i c k  h e r e.  :) :)

Anyhoo, enough of this spiel. (Not that you won't be hearing from me about it again...)

Also, I do have a few gigs booked this month, both with the Pre-War Ponies and other musical situations... so check out the gig schedule page if you'd like more info.  


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