Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thursday: Barbes w/Pre War Ponies (+ Puss n Boots) Friday: Solo uke at Ukulele Caberet

D e e p  i n  t h e  h o l - i - d a z e.   H  E  L  P.


Greetings to you and yours.  I do hope all is merry and joyous in your marshmallow world of yuletide delights.

Thursday, I've got a double.  Well, kind of a double.  Really it's more like a one and a quarter.  

First is a holiday tune sitting in situation (we'll only play one song) as Daria Grace and I thumpity thump thump with Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson, and Catherine Popper at the Bell House in Gowanus for Puss n Boots' Christmas Extravaganza Take 3.  They'll have lots of guests.  We're very happy to be amongst them.

Then Daria and I will hurry on outta there to play two full sets of old school fun as the The Pre-War Ponies at Barb├Ęs in Park Slope.  That fun starts at 10pm and will take you to the mid of night.  We'll be joined by Rene Hart and Russ Meissner.

Friday night will be the holiday Ukulele Cabaret.  The Ukulele Cabaret is a very...special night.  Honestly I think it's one of the most uke-nique nights in NYC.  

There will be many acts.  
Many ukes.  
Many levels of insanity and costuming.  
Many sing-a-longs.  
Many different approaches to melody, harmony, and, er, equal temperament.
Even perhaps some ... cheeky material.

Me?  At some point I'll sing two songs.  It'll be pretty straight ahead holiday stuff wishing everyone a Happy Life Day.  Life Day, of course, originated from Kashyyyk, and the songs are from a certain holiday special from 1978.  To those that are unfortunate enough to know what in the galaxy I'm talking about: No, I'm not kidding.

Here's the deets:

Thu 12/11 8:30pm (we play our song early) sitting in w/Puss n Boots @ Bell House (149 7th St BROOKLYN) Puss N Boots Christmas Extravaganza Take 3 - $20 Tickets

Thu 12/11 10:00pm -11:59pm w/The Pre-War Ponies @ Barbes (6th ave @ 9th st BROOKLYN) $10 recommended donation

Fri 12/12 Sometime between 9pm and 10:30pm JWH Solo ukulele performance @ Ukulele Cabaret (Jimmy's 43 - 43 E 7th St - back room)  Show starts w/carols and tree trimming at 7pm.  Lots of wacky performers... One of the kookiest events in NYC.

May you make it through the holidays generally unscathed,  and have a happy new year!!! Thanks so much for your support, be it coming to shows, and/or putting up with my babble.  The trombone section really appreciates it.

Take care,



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