Monday, May 05, 2014

Minton's Wed - Barbes Thurs - Beacon, NY Friday

Greetings.  Howaaaya?  Happy May to you and yours.

My new lookThings have been pretty nutty around these parts.  I'm not gonna lie...pretty darn nutty.  I've got a bunch of gigs this month (which I will tell you about in more detail than you signed up for) on top of the usual insanity that is the crazy children's television situation I've found myself in.  On that tip, if you happen to be near a TV when Peg + Cat is on this week, and it happens to be the super hero episode(s), I am the voice of the Arch Villain, who terrorizes Mathtropolis by trying to turn any non-arch shapes into arches, or other shapes... He is sort of a shape fascist, I guess one could say.  I believe this role  marks the the pinnacle of my acting career to date, (hard to believe being that my roles as Penguin Ringmaster and Singing Yak for Wonder Pets set the bar pretty darn high...)  I'm also proud to say that Peg + Cat was nominated for four Emmys this year. Additionally, show creator/creative director Jennifer Oxley also was selected as a winner of a special Emmy for "Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation" for her work on the show.

Peg And Cat's Really Big AlbumAnd one MORE thing re: Peg + Cat.  You can now get Peg and Cat's Really Big Album, full of songs from the show, all music recorded in my humble man cav... uh, studio!



Google Play:

So, gigs...

This Wednesday, and every Wednesday in May I'll be playing trombone with the JC Hopkins Biggish Band featuring Queen Esther in Harlem at Minton's Playhouse.  Come check us out in one of the places where bebop was born...

Thursday I'll be playing trombone and ukulele in Park Slope with Daria Grace and the Pre-War Ponies for our monthly residency at Barbes.  This is a freakin' great little room to relax and listen to music.  Well, it's a great little room to relax and play music too, so everybody wins.  By the way, we're nearing completion of our newest CD... and we've got a brand spankin' new website.

Friday, I'll again be playing with Daria and the Pre War Ponies, but this time up in Beacon.  We'll be playing a short, intimate set opening for John Pizzarelli at the Towne Crier Cafe.  If you're up in that neck of the woods, that's going to be a really fun time, and you should get a ticket.  That's just what I think though, and I'm a bit biased on the issue.

You'll find all the info for the above mentioned gigs by clicking on the "gig schedule" link to the right of this post.

Take care!



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