Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Garage Friday, BB Kings (Lucille's) Saturday


Normally I try not to write all y'all late at night, but it seems that this is where my schedule has been taking me.  Instead of getting hopped-up on coffee morning guy, you're getting ho-hum evening guy.  Ho hum.  Ho hum.

Friday, I'll be rocking the late night hard core tailgate trombone West Village dixieland situation with Kevin Dorn and The Big 72 at the Garage.  We will be playing at the completely ridiculous hours of 10:45pm to 2:45am.  You may ask, how do I do it?  You can ask all you want, but I ain't got answers for that one.  Of course, we all know it is the power of the dixieland that keeps me on stage and full of beautiful life!!!!  (and if you're buying this...well... it's actually kind of true.  How could one sleep with that racket going on?)

Saturday I'll be playing with 
JC Hopkins and his Biggish Band at Lucille's Bar and Grill inside of B.B. King's Blues Club on (eek) 42nd Street.  Lucille's is a more intimate space inside of the King complex.   If I had a King complex, I'd be paying a lot for therapy, I figure.

See?  this is why it's not good that ho-hum evening guy writes these.  Oy.  Ok.  I'll shut up.  For all the deets for the above mumbled shows plus a look into the rest of the month, click on the "gig schedule" link to the right.  

Take care, and good night!



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