Monday, October 21, 2013

Freddy's Bar this Thursday - Garage this Saturday

Greetings.  Hope you're swell.  Or, if nothing else, I hope your swelling's not so bad.

Ack.  I think I'm better at this in the morning with coffee.  I'll just get right to it:

Thursday I'll be leading an incredible trio (Russ Meissner + Andrew Hall)  for the Uke Night in the back room at Freddy's in the South (ish) Slope.  I'll be the special guest this month for 
Freddy's monthly ukulele night (every 4th Thursday.)  I'll be putting on my special guest clothes and performing two sets.   First, I'll do my own little uke-centric show, featuring originals and not-so-originals.   I will then be joined by Daria Grace for the second set where we will wow you with our two-ukulele antics from the Pre-War Ponies songbook.   And if you are a ukulele player, or are considering becoming a ukulele player, or you just like being in the same room as a bunch of ukuleles (and face it, who doesn't?) come early for the 7pm - 9pm ukulele jam hosted by the amazing Katie Down of theUkuladies!  All uke players are welcome.

But, wait! There's MORE:

That's right! If you act now... uh,  ...  well... whether you act now or not, I'll be in the West Village playing tailgate trombone at the 
Garage with none other than Kevin Dorn's Big 72 on Friday night for four complete sets of non-stop, hard-core Dixieland fun and frivolity (redundancy and repeating one's self) at the completely ridiculous hours of 10:45pm to 2:45am.  Oh yes.  That's just how we roll with the Big 72.  Dixieland history shall be made, lest we have a Dixieland Disasterâ„¢.

All the above items are explained in more detail below (er, except that little bit about the swelling) on the page that you get to when you hit the "gig schedule" link to the right of here...

Take care,



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