Friday, February 15, 2013

Rodeo Sunday - Fat Cat Tuesday - MBar Wednesday

Greetings.  The subject kinda says it all, and I'm not feeling overly verbose at the present moment, so I'll spare you a lot of chatter today.

Sunday you'll find me playing trombone and soprano ukulele with Daria Grace and 
The Prewar Ponies.  We'll be playing obscure gems from the 20's and 30's in a mellow fashion that will go along with that frozen margarita that will be melting your brain at The Rodeo Bar.  Daria and I have been working on the new CD.  Ok we've been working on it for about two years, but we're really working on it now!  There will be many special guests, and some of the tunes will be getting a rather different treatment than what you're used to seeing us live.  I probably shouldn't talk too much about it though.  I don't wanna jinx it!!

Tuesday you can get your clave and foosball fix in one fell swoop.  Need I say more?  Yeah, I probably should.  That was vague.  I'll be playing latin jazz trombone with 
Willie Martinez and the La Familia Sextet at Fat Cat.  Jazz and pool... jazz and shuffle board... jazz and ping pong...  and of course the classic jazz and  It's an incredible band and a great, easy going good time.

Wednesday I'll be leading a trio with Andy Burns on drums and Tim Luntzel on bass at my monthly residency at the 
M Bar.  It's a swanky little room in a convenient part of town and we'll play at a "respectable" hour.   I usually have more respect for the types I meet at the less respectable hours, but I'm always open to having my mind changed.

All the deets for the above chatter, plus a look at the rest of the month, is listed on the "Gig Schedule" link to the right.

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