Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pre VD Show w/JC Hopkins @ Slipper Room 2morrow - VD Show Richard Julian @ Rockwood

Greetings.  If you don't want to hear me blah blah blah about stupid domestic crap, please skip the next paragraph.

I like snow days.  I like snow projects.  Today, the project is the kitchen pantry.  I've taken everything out of it and am gonna do a complete reboot.  Yeah man.  I'm rockin' this snow project...assuming I get all that junk back in there.  My first snow project was a loft I built during the blizzard of 1996.  I think it was my roommate that said you should always have a snow project in the back of your mind for days like this.

Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on your point of view) I've been able to pull myself away from the pantry and give you the scoop regarding the two gigs I have this week in honor of that holiday "everyone" loves to love/hate: Valentine's Day.

This is a smile of pain.  My left hand was seizing up at this point.Sunday (tomorrow) I'll be playing trombone with 
JC Hopkins' Biggish Band "Champagne Fountain Of Joy" at our ancestral home on the Lower East Side, The Slipper Room.  We'll be backing up some special guests including Justin Vivian Bond, who you see pictured here with me playing guitar at a past show.  That was the only gig I was ever the guitarist on in my entire life.  I won't this time though, I promise.  This will be a very full night indeed with many special guests singing, dancing, and burlesquing.  I'll keep my tie on, thank you.

Thursday, Valentine's Day proper, I'll be playing an extended set with songwriting mastermind, 
Richard Julian.  This will be a wonderful intimate show at the Rockwood Music Hall Stage One, and a nice one to take someone special to.  Richard's writing can also be cynical enough that it'll be a blast to go see it if you're feeling anti-romantic.  See?  It works for everyone! The amazing Rosita Kess will be opening for us.  The show starts at 9, but be sure to get there a little early if you want to get a seat.  It can get tight in that space.  (If you get there early, it may be crowded for the show before, but stick around for the changing of the guard and get a seat.)

Alright, that's all I got.  Well, and I'll possibly be singing my own little Valentines Day thing at either of the above shows.  It'll be something like the video here, but not exactly.  ;)

All the deets for the above mentioned madness and a look into the month ahead can be found by clicking on the "gig schedule" link to the right.



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